Tour to Auschwitz concentration camp

Exterminate the Jews

Auschwitz and Birkenau – the two names, which represent the darkest stain on the history of Europe. It was here that the Nazis attempted to exterminate the Jews. The Camp was mostly destroyed during the war by the withdrawing SS forces; however the Polish government rebuilt parts of it to create a museum, a tribute to the murdered people. According to various sources Auschwitz – Birkenau is the final resting place of up to 5 million people, though nowadays it’s believed that 1.3 million people died there.

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Tour to Auschwitz

The tour of Auschwitz shows the proof of the genocide and pays tribute to the people who suffered there. Here you can see the belongings of the victims, the buildings where they lived and suffered the starvation, the backbreaking labour and the inhumane treatment and also the gas chamber and the death cells.

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