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Visit Auschwitz

auschwitz museum

Mieczyslaw Stawierski

Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp is the site of the greatest tragedy of the Second World War. Initially, one of many Nazi working camps, eventually it became a synonym to the biggest atrocity in the history of the world – the Holocaust and genocide. From the first glimpses of the camp it’s hard to imagine how it could have been such a horror. On the outside the buildings of the camp seem quite ordinary. However, as you progress with the tour and see for your own eyes you realize how much suffering has taken place here.

Tragedy of the Second World War

 The museum is filled with artifacts remaining from the camp – photos, clothes, everyday equipment and personal letters. The most striking buildings are the death block, where St.Maximilian Kolbe was martyred and the only surviving gas chamber with the crematorium. To fully experience this place it’s strongly recommended to visit Auschwitz with a guide, who explains the significance of each building.

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