Victims of the Auschwitz

World War II

Speaking of the atrocities of the World War II, one word inevitably jumps to mind – Auschwitz, the once rather ordinary town turned into a concentration camp, which became the ultimate location of genocide and the Holocaust. Initially it was a working camp, one of many established in Poland by the Nazis in order to confine Polish political prisoners. Eventually, it was chosen as the”final solution”, the location where all the Jews of Europe were to be exterminated. The camp conditions were extremely harsh – starvation, slave labour, rampaging diseases, guard brutality and inhumane medical experiments exacted a heavy toll on the prisoners even before the gas chambers were built.
Over 1.3 million of people died and only approximately 300 people successfully escaped… The post-war Polish government decided to partially rebuild the camp as a museum, to honour the victims of the Nazi regime. Tours to Auschwitz it’s good idea, nowadays, in the museum you can see proof of the atrocities that occurred there on a daily basis, the hard conditions in which the prisoners lived and what they left behind – as a memento for generations to come.

auschwitz prisoners

Birkenau camp

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  1. The facts about Auschwitz is horrible. They are showing cruel of Second World War.

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